Name: Lloyd J. Fisher

Age: 21

Regular/Goofy: Regs, yet I aspire to master both.

Skating since: 2002

Favorite Duluth Skate spot: Lake Place Park - An intricate plaza with views overlooking Lake Superior. Lots of cool art pieces with historical relevance. Nice ledges, cool bricks, and the 3-bloc. We're always running into interesting humans during skateboard sessions there as well. Too many funny stories...

Favorite go to trick: Ollie Impossible - Because they are in fact, possible.

Favorite food: Hot curries, spicy vegetables, sweet pastries, powerfood smoothies.. too many foods to eat. I'll answer this question more precisely after many more years of travel and experience.

Favorite coffee drink: Organic medium roast black coffee with emulsified MCT oil and/or hemp seed oil added for optimal fat burning and nutritional benefits.

Besides skating what you like to do: Chasing other dreams.. Landscape Photography is a huge interest of mine. Being able to travel to one of a kind locations around the globe, then narrowing down the location into just a few intimate compositions is just fucking cool to me. Nature is the most powerful force there is, so being able to portray that power through an image is the jam. I also love photographing wild animals and skateboarding as well. Anywhere I go I'm at home behind the lens.

Inspirations: Stephan Janoski, Dennis Busenitz, Andrew Reynolds, Lewis Marnell, Mark Gonzales, Teddy Roosevelt, Mark Twain, Wim Hoff, Conor McGregor, and those who have chosen to tackle adversity so they can rise up for the betterment of themselves and for mankind.

Shout outs: Everyone who has skated with me at every step of my progression. My parents for allowing me to build a DIY skatepark in the driveway. Great Grandma Ann for referring to me as "The Shitkicker". The many positive years ahead of us all.


1) Full Name: Stephen Pestalozzi

2) Age: 25

3) Regular/Goofy: Regular

4) Skating since: Remember when Ja Rule & Ashanti put that single out together?

5) Favorite Skate spot(s): Nothing beats a good rink session with the boys.

6) Favorite crew to skate with: I’m down to skate with anyone who is having a good time. Y’all know who you are <3

7) Last trick learned: I stopped keeping track awhile ago.

8) Favorite Trick: Bits, Whips, Chips, & Doo Dads

9) Besides skating, I like to: Skateboarding is one of the most valuable things in my life, But only in combination  with all the other wonderful things out there. 

10) Inspirations: …and the list goes on…

11) How would you describe Damage, or Duluth in general: Crusty spots hold more weight in my eye. Sunny California footage just can’t compare. As far as Damage is concerned, It’s been the go-to spot for years. Having a local shop is a crucial aspect to help bolster our skateboard community.

12) Goals for the summer: I’m just going to keep it loose & see what happens.

13) Shout-outs, thank-yous, all that crap: My Family, My wife Robin, Taylor Kline, Paul Hartman, Mike Rapaich, Jake Durham, Cody Paulson, Branovan, Damage Crew, Cam & Pete, All the good Homies, &  All the Duluth skateboarders pushing our culture in a positive direction. Love Y’all.

-Sketchiest situation skateboarding or life in general: 
Getting hit by a van while bombing Lake St. was very sketchy. 25 stitches in the forehead and a couple months of recovery, mentally and physically. Thanks to all that helped me out that night.

- dome or handies? 
I’m not picky.

- tell me about graffiti and how it plays a role in your life/skateboarding.
No thanks.

- spliff or true? 

I like it straight up, But Petey is always passing the spliff’s around.

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  1. thanks for stealing my trik kyle

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