1) Full Name: Stephen Pestalozzi

2) Age: 25

3) Regular/Goofy: Regular

4) Skating since: Remember when Ja Rule & Ashanti put that single out together?

5) Favorite Skate spot(s): Nothing beats a good rink session with the boys.

6) Favorite crew to skate with: I’m down to skate with anyone who is having a good time. Y’all know who you are <3

7) Last trick learned: I stopped keeping track awhile ago.

8) Favorite Trick: Bits, Whips, Chips, & Doo Dads

9) Besides skating, I like to: Skateboarding is one of the most valuable things in my life, But only in combination  with all the other wonderful things out there. 

10) Inspirations: …and the list goes on…

11) How would you describe Damage, or Duluth in general: Crusty spots hold more weight in my eye. Sunny California footage just can’t compare. As far as Damage is concerned, It’s been the go-to spot for years. Having a local shop is a crucial aspect to help bolster our skateboard community.

12) Goals for the summer: I’m just going to keep it loose & see what happens.

13) Shout-outs, thank-yous, all that crap: My Family, My wife Robin, Taylor Kline, Paul Hartman, Mike Rapaich, Jake Durham, Cody Paulson, Branovan, Damage Crew, Cam & Pete, All the good Homies, &  All the Duluth skateboarders pushing our culture in a positive direction. Love Y’all.

-Sketchiest situation skateboarding or life in general: 
Getting hit by a van while bombing Lake St. was very sketchy. 25 stitches in the forehead and a couple months of recovery, mentally and physically. Thanks to all that helped me out that night.

- dome or handies? 
I’m not picky.

- tell me about graffiti and how it plays a role in your life/skateboarding.
No thanks.

- spliff or true? 

I like it straight up, But Petey is always passing the spliff’s around.

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  1. We want anthony walsh back

  2. Walsh is and was a champ he landed everything with steez and perfection

  3. Are these still accurate?? There are much much better skaters in Duluth than these.. I know it's not all about who's best, image still matters and you don't want a bunch of low-life f*ckups, but still ha :/