Friday, November 21, 2014

Union : FC Binding!

For those looking for luxury, look no further than the 
FC (Forged Carbon) Binding from Union Bindings
 To witness product progression, look no further than the Forged FC. Rather than laying up carbon fiber in sheets and impregnating it with resin like your typical carbon fiber manufacturing. Forged Carbon uses a paste of fibers (500,00 turbostratic fibers per square inch) molded under extremely high pressure producing a lighter and stronger finished product.
Union’s Cooperation with Lamborghini ACSL on Forged Carbon Binding Created An Industry-First
MUNICH, GERMANY (January 23, 2014) — Union Binding Company is honored to receive the ISPO Product of the Year award in the action segment for its new Forged FC Binding. Developed in close cooperation with Automobili Lamborghini Advanced Composite Structures Laboratory (ACSL), the Forged FC is the first binding ever to use Forged Carbon. The material is the lightest and strongest on the market, delivering peak performing heelside response and control.
“When we started this project, I was shocked by the intensity of the loads to which professional riders, like Travis Rice and Gigi Rüf, subject these bindings,” said Paolo Feraboli, Ph.D, Director, Automobili Lamborghini ACSL. “Forged technology provides the best solution in terms of weight, stiffness and strength. We introduced all of our competence in carbon fiber and lightweight engineering into one stunning form to create the Union Forged Carbon product line.”
If you're looking for this award winning binding, stop into 
Damage Boardshop and check them out for yourself! 

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Another from Airblaster!

For those looking for a simple, straight to the point jacket, the Toaster Jacket from Airblaster is NOW AVAILABLE here at Damage!
With subtle branding inspired by military surplus goods, this 
long cut Airblaster jacket is simple, clean, and functional.
Upgraded waterproof rating, 80g insulation, and solid-yet-supple Freedom Dobby fabric make this the toastiest Toaster Jacket yet. STAY WILD!

Mags on mags...

We have stacks of the latest magazines from Transworld, Thrasher, Yobeat, The Snowboard Mag and plenty more. 
Whether it be skate or snow, we got you covered! 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

686 Jackets.

We have a batch of insulated 686 jackets to keep you warm this winter!
Prices vary and sizes are limited so if you see 
something you like, come check it out.

The Impaler!

Join us this Saturday Nov. 22nd to catch the Video of the Year!!
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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

MJ x Chocolate.

Marc Johnson Lakai x Chocolate collaborate 
for a  20 year anniversary shoe!
Only 64.95

Monday, November 17, 2014

Plys With Purpose!

It's an art show, video premiere, party, fundraiser,
 and hell-raiser of an event all packed into one!
Plys with Purpose, the silent auction for the
Cloquet Skatepark, went OFF on Friday.
Peep this rad video recap by Maxwell McGruder...
Over 40 decks from no-name to big name artists were put up for auction and display on Friday and will continue to be on display for the public until Dec. 6th. Stop into the Prove Gallery and check these things out. They are definitely something to be seen.
So many decks, so little time. 
 Full house! Thanks to all who came out to show their support! 
 40's, Blunts, and Cigs. Awesome series here.
 Boss gives his approval to HotRibs's design.
 Another overview of the front of the house. Decks on decks.
 A huge thanks to all the artists who took the time to create some awesome stuff for this fundraiser! 
 Huge ups to Matt Anderson and the Cloquet Needs a Skatepark crew, Taylor Kline and all the staff at the Prove Collective, Jake Durham and Mike Rapaich, and everyone else who made this night one to remember in the skateboard community! 
Stop by the Prove today thru December 6th to check out the decks, 
place a bid, and help support Minnesota Skateboarding! Cheers!