Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sandbox Helmets!

Protect your dome in style with a helmet from SANDBOX. 
Classic Low Rider, Classic Snow, and Legend Snow all NOW AVAILABLE! 

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Base Layers...

Are a must. They keep you warm, dry, and outdoors longer! 
The Ninja Suit from Airblaster is a one-piece made for everyone.
Special order any different styles at no charge for shipping!

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interior Plain Project: Year Three!

From the depths of the midwest come The Interior Plain Project's third year line-up of boards. The Berserker Collection.
New craftsmanship, now partnered with Elan (the same masters that produce Capita) make these boards better than ever. Represent the midwest with these one-of-a-kind boards for the rider who takes his own line.

Cultivated from the idea that press and pop can exist in one board, this concept is delivered by our uniquely profiled core. Blended with a Triaxe Glass to help give you pop from edge to edge as well as that snap in the nose and tail we all love. Laying carbon strings in the nose and tail help to ensure a season of proper pop while adding a little pop to your own energy. Minimalist Camber (2mm) allows the press to be locked in easier, and at the same time allows you to edge your board like you know you should. Finished off with a sintered base structure that will maintain speed needed to launch those "out of the way" gaps you stare at from the lifts, or from the car as you roll down the street.

Like a Samurai warrior with this single weapon, the Honalee will allow you to fight off the nastiest of terrain. Designed with the "the mountain is your battlefield" rider mentality, this board is built to deliver in all settings with a Triaxe laminate, Proper Profile Core, Sintered base, Carbon Stringers and finished off with a 9mm Camber. Loaded for the life of a big popper. Adding a great amount of running length helps command full of control. This katana of a snowboard will be by your side as you unleash your summer of angst all over winter.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy Hour Shades!

Another batch of shades from HAPPY HOUR
just hit the shelves in some hot new colorways. 
Along with some beanies and socks. 
It's always Happy Hour somewhere! 

Dan Spooner Full Part!

#danspooner just dropped his full part from Bald E-Gal's new flick HOOKS AND HAMMERS! CLICK THE PHOTO YO! 
Check it out then come grab a DVD copy here at Damage Boardshop! 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Kyle and the Converse Weapons!

Team rider Kyle Walczak has been busy testing out the new 
Converse "Weapon" Shoe and decided to give it a session at the 
newly re-paved Midtown Skatepark
The CONS Weapon Skate combines the classic elements of the iconic Weapon with elevated functional design for skateboarding including enhanced durability, comfort and fit. The sneaker comes equipped with a drop-in Lunarlon sockliner that provides cushioning, perforated memory foam and a gusseted tongue construction. 
A mesh underlay on the hallmark Star Chevron increases breathability and CONS Traction Rubber enhances a skater’s grip while providing the resilience needed to match the rigor of the streets.
If you think you're ready to step to this reborn classic shoe then 
run your keister down to Damage Boardshop and try a pair on! 

Airblaster Head-Wear!

Keep your dome warm this winter... 
Airblaster gives you the options...