Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome to the Team: Nial Romanek

Full Name: Nial Jeffrey Romanek

Age: 27

Regular or Goofy: Regular

How many years boarding? 13

Go to video? Stand and Deliver

What about video part? Anything Louif puts out 

What's your current setup? Smokin AnNIALator 156 with some Burton bindings and boots

Camber or Reverse? Camber

Tell me about growing up in Bob Dylan's hometown: 
Well it's an old mining town in northern MN. Nothing much happens there. Most people are a bunch of redneck alcoholics that like to hunt and fish. So most of my childhood I was surrounded by four wheelers (three wheelers are way better), boats, hunting and fishing.

Now for some Crucial shit: Bring it on

Who warmed up the backseat when you banged the first time?  
Well it wasn't in a back seat of a car, I'm classier than that. Hahahaha no I'm not, but my first car was kinda a pile so I don't think that was the easiest place to woo a girl (great car tho very reliable). I'm going to leave her name out of it, but the first time it happened I didn't really know it was happening till like halfway through. I will keep the story short but what pretty much happened was that I thought she was going down on me, so I was like epic, but in the end she just wanted to sit on it. I figured out what was actually happening after a few moments which in the end wasn't the worst thing cause I never really had the virgin scare thing happen since that card got taken out of my hand without me really knowing till it was too late. (Can't rape the willing)

Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes 

Dome or Handies? Dome duh

Most memorable trip? Either work...... 
Well it had to be the first official trip I had ever gone on. I was filming my first part with Think Thank ( Mind the Video Man). I met up with a few of them in Marqette, Michigan. The trip was going kinda how I figured it would go. Find spots, set them up, get shots, sleep, eat, repeat. This all changed when I started to feel sick and then I just started puking everywhere for no reason, didn't have nausea or anything. We got back to the hotel and I noticed that I had purple spots all over my body. So I ended up going to the hospital where they told me that I was allergic to an antibiotic I was on and that was causing me to have the spots and throwing up. They ended up putting two bags of IV fluid in me , and I was on my way back to the hotel. Once I got back to the hotel everyone was ready for some food, so we went out to this bar to grab some dinner. We got done eating and a couple of the guys wanted to stay and drink a few bevees so we were like okay see you back at the hotel. When the guys got back to the hotel they were like yo there are some girls coming over to party. I was so beat I was like have fun I can't party after puking all day. The girls ended up coming over and they started playing drinking games. As the night went on I woke up and figured I'd see what everyone else was doing in the other room. They were playing this horrible drinking game with a air soft gun and a toy roulette table.  As the night escalated I ended up going back to my room and passing out. What happened after that was one for the books. So pretty much the girls ended up getting naked and had a photo shoot with the photographer we had on the trip. Also someone hooked up with one of the chicks and I guess she was a huge squirter and soaked the whole bed out. The next morning was probably the craziest story time that I have ever heard and the best part was there were pictures and evidence that it all happened. Still to this day that's probably the craziest trip I have ever been on and it was my first. I don't think I will ever forget that trip.

What's up with companies not making hardcopies?
Well if people would buy them then they would make them. Unfortunately it's just not cost effective for the company to make a hard copy anymore. I wish it was cause it's bullshit how some movies now you can't even buy them, you have to rent them or use wifi to get to them. That doesn't seem like you own the video if you have to have wifi and be logged into a website like Vimeo on demand.

Sponsors, shout outs, and that good stuff
Well I would like to thank my parents for all their support through the years. Damage for being the dopest shop out and always having the best gear to choose from. I would personally like to thank Jesse Burtner for believing in me that I could film a video part and letting me film with Think Thank and all my sponsors that support me and let me do what I do.

See Nial in:
And much more...

Sunday, February 28, 2016


The newest Brad Cromer from HUF with black 
suede and a subtle toe cap for added durability.

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Have you taken advantage of our shoe sale yet!?
Only a few days left to get rid of your blown out shoes for some new ones at only $35!


Converse brought the heat on their One Star World Tour.
Check out the recap video below.

Friday, February 26, 2016


Take your pick on a fresh batch of boards from DGK.

Thursday, February 25, 2016


Paying homage to the mythical pirate, Jose Gaspar, who is said to 
have operated from the city of Tampa in the early 1900's; the 
Gasparilla NIKE Dunk High has all the characteristics.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Freestyle Friday's @ Chester Bowl!

Join us this Friday, 2/26/16, Chester Bowl at 6 PM
Meet us in the terrain park!
Prizes from Vans and Airblaster!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


Adidas Busenitz
Low profile outsole provides maximum board feel and comfort.
Cupsole construction making this shoe durable, well-cushioned and have some of the best impact protection for those hard landings.
GEOFIT Collar Lining are soft foam panels stitched into the collar lining adding more ankle stability.

Diamond Supply Company

Refreshing new Diamond Tee's keep it simple and stylish.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Come out to Spirit Mountain on Wednesday the 
24th and shred with the Volcom gang.
A batch of dudes including Dan Brisse, Jaime Lynn, Pat Moore, 
Benny Milam, Dylan Alito, and Scott Blum will all be lapping.


Shoe sale continues for one more week.
Don't miss out!

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Back By Popular Demand
The Atlas from Union!
This binding has returned stronger and exceptional in every area of snowboarding!
Stage 3, Duraflex ST Nylon Base-Plate
Extruded 3D Aluminum Heel Cup
Magnesium Buckles
Canted Power to ease up on those knees!
Atlas Asym High-Back
Sonic Fused Straps
Ultra Grip Toe Straps

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Rome Gloves/Mitts

Rome Chainsaw Trigger Mitt
"Extra Dexterity For Grabbing Method And Ripping Sleds"
Synthetic/ Leather combo on the palm.
HiPora 5000 Waterproof Insert
Warmth: 8
Dryness: 10

Friday, February 19, 2016

NB Numeric.

New Balance Numeric - Arto 358
Hitting you with the clean asymmetric upper, enhanced breathability and board control. Modified version of  the reliable vulcanized soles and a new Pu insert for additional support and cushioning!
NB Numeric - Arto 358 - $84.95

Thursday, February 18, 2016

New Emerica Threads

New Emerica steeze for your style needs!

Featuring a "design a tee"  winner. The "Sacred Herman Tee" by Juan David Ruiz Nieto. 

New Mags.

This months issues of Thrasher and Skateboard Mag just showed up to the shop. Come by and grab a copy of both!

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Rome 390 Boss!

The One In Charge...
The 390 Boss is the go to binding for the Rome Team and it shows. All around Flex Pattern, Unlimited Customization, and ConformGrip
 Toe Straps to secure and fit any boot.
Available in 3 different colrways...
- $259.99 -

Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Rope Tow Wednesday's!

Rope Tow Wednesday's! 
High speed rope at Mont Du Lac is open till 9!
Watch Josh Kuno, Dan Spooner, Paul Lavold, Andrew Dahl and Scooter Stanko tear up the park last week!
Edit by Scooter Stanko

Rome regional rider's will be here on the 17th! Be there or be square!


It's time to treat your feet.
Now through the end of the month all sale shoes are $35!

Monday, February 15, 2016

Emerica Westgate CC

The Westgate CC from Emerica is a banger...
Coming in swingin' with tongue stabilizing wings that keep your foot locked in and secure, a one-piece toe cap, and cupsole construction for durability and comfort!

Sunday, February 14, 2016

T. Rice

Legendary Performance
Asym S1 High-Backs for lateral freedom, extreme response and durability. Full grain leather ankle straps are highly durable and provide long lasting comfort. 3D DirectConnect Core distributes pressure evenly. Canted power allows the ankle and knee joints to be aligned, taking away pains. Forged toe ramps deliver ultimate heel-to-toe response and transfer of energy. Magnesium buckles knock the numbers 
down on the weight scale
Union T. Rice Binding - $299.99
"Whenever I'm riding, I need full faith that my equipment can handle the abuse. Union Bindings create that level of trust and give me the opportunity to help develop the same products that I use." - Travis Rice

Saturday, February 13, 2016


Some new suede from Lakai LTD.
Riley Hawk - $69.95
MJ XLK - $67.95
Staple - $69.95

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Damage Days!

Join us February 19th for a party in the pipe; 
FREE FOR ALL AGES with food and music to follow at the Moosehead Bar.

Then come back the following night for a 
Session at Grand featuring a rail jam with a $5 entry.

Method Mag!

This month's read is the new Method Mag! 
-Available at the shop for FREE-
Check out the local Minnesotan, Aidan Flanagan interview!

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Rope Tow Wednesdays

We will be sending it all night tomorrow for Rope Tow Wednesdays. Everyone is welcome. We plan on filming so bring your A game!

Vans Halfcab Pro

Steve Caballero's signature Half Cab Pro in Xtuff. Vans features coated leather uppers, single-wrap foxing tape, UltraCush™ HD sockliners to keep the foot close to the board while providing the highest level of impact cushioning. Including Vans original waffle outsole for superior grip and control.

Monday, February 8, 2016

Volcom x Damage x Giants Ridge

Giants Ridge has been doing great things to 
improve upon their already bangin' park.
 Here's their new 20' shotgun rail.
If you haven't been there, you need to go!

Vans 112 Pro

The all new Style 112 Pro, designed by the Vans team for a all-around ripping shoe. The UltraCush HD footbed will keep your foot close to the board while providing the highest level of cushioning possible. All new DURACAP upper reinforcement for high wear areas and of coarse, the original waffle outsole to make this shoe a banger!

Sunday, February 7, 2016

Dakine Board Bags!

Traveling necessity right here...
New Dakine Low Roller Board Bags, with a few choices of color and size!
Full length two-way zipper
High quality urethane wheels
Dual end carry handles
Exterior access boot pockets
Lockable zipper cars
Fully padded board protection

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Emerica Spring.

Spring footwear is rolling in daily!
Here's a look at the Independent x Emerica collaboration.
The Reynolds Low Vulc
Vulcanized sole making it light-weight and flexible
Medial Mesh Cold Air intake keeps sweating to a minimal

Friday, February 5, 2016

The Interior Plain Project.

The next collection from The Interior Plain Project has landed.
Check out their teaser and get ready for the boards to be in the shop next fall.

LRG in the hood...

New hoodies from LRG!

Thursday, February 4, 2016

New Balance!

New kicks from New Balance!
Now available!
New Balance, Quincy - $69.95

Wednesday, February 3, 2016


Jerry Hsu has a shoe, and we got it!

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Damage Tech Hoods!

Damage Tech Hoods are still in stock!
Great hoodie for riding...
Comes with a zippered pocket for all your valuables, 
including an easy access entry for head-phones. 

Wrist gator for extra warmth! 

Monday, February 1, 2016

Lloyd Fisher Photography.

You know the saying.
"Pictures say a thousand words."
Local photographer/skateboarder and all around 
cool ass dude, Lloyd Fisher, shares his story.  
Prepare to be inspired.
 I've always enjoyed composing life's journey. This thought process accounts for actions such as where I choose to position myself in a room, how I organize a table of items, even the way i drive. It all comes down to composition. As a child, I created cerebral images by joining thumbs too the opposing pointer fingers to develop a type of "organic" viewfinder with the hands. As you place that frame over your face, a border is created for one to use in viewing the world with a controlled perspective. Using that same philosophy some years down the road, I'm stoked to be able to create images through the medium of Photography. A kind of game, by the means of collecting present energies and organizing them into a controlled space. That is what has kept me pushing in the photo world.
  I've been putting much more energy into documenting skateboarding in the past few months. Its funny, I had gone out one night to have a trick of my own documented. I ended up getting broke off. ER trip and everything. The very next morning, a box of camera equipment I had ordered a week prior, arrived at my door. That was when it hit. The universe was telling me to get on that. So I did, and I've been vibin' with it ever since.
   I dig portraying a diverse depth of field. I'm talking shooting through bushes and shit. If there's an angle that's super clean, but has a flat background or foreground; I'm gonna be looking for an object nearby or faraway to display a sense of depth to the viewer. More information better provides a sense of emergence into the graph.
  My goal while creating a photo is to convey a story. The aspect of skateboarding magazines I love most, is spending time getting lost in a photo. You can imagine where the skater has been or is going based on their mid-trick location and relation to the back and foreground. Essentially creating a movie in your head. If you don't frame the full range of the spot, you lose out on information that should be presented to the viewer. A photo with the skater mid-trick as well as the run-up and landing in frame gives the viewer more material to absorb rather than a close up on the skater, with a flat background.
   I've found that while shooting skateboarding, I am able to live the trick secondhand. When the skater is in the climax of the trick, its time to click the shutter. Everything happens so quick. It keeps you on point.
Where can we find you?
I'm makin' dreams happen in Duluth for the moment. I post to the Gram frequently. I also run a photography based Facebook page. I've shot shows, portraits, nature, and other community events as well. Always lookin' to go out and capture tricks so shoot me a holler, lets go out and get some flicks!
 Lloyd can be contacted at:

Instagram: @llcoolj218 and @lloydfisherphoto