Friday, September 30, 2011

Slay Day Recap!

Slay Day 2011 went off like a wildfire at Wheeler this year!
Plenty of good homies, fun contests, and some heavy skating. 
A huge thanks goes out to our sponsors...
DeathWish Skateboards, Monster, and MoFunna Skateboards!

Thanks to everyone who came out and killed it on the last skate event of the summer! 

Monster hooked it up big time and kept everyone hydrated and wired to skate!

Everyone was battling their tricks on the manual pad for the first Best Trick contest...

 Taking turns wasn't really an option...

 Chaos as always.

 Kyle Walczak came out on top with a prize package from DeathWish.

MoFunna mastermind Bill Howes held his "Bangers for Bucks" 
contest on a wide variety of obstacles.

Wyatt came through with a first try treflip on the hip...

 And got himself some cash.

 Many battled for a blunt to fakie on the volcano...

 Only a few succeeded...

Kyle snagged a frontside tailslide on the hubba for some loot.

 Ryan got himself some cash for a lien to tail on the hip transfer.

The boys battled side by side crooks...

 Side by side 5-0's...

 And side by side nose manuals.

 Top Winners of the Day.

John Kromm killed the Best Line contest, 
as well as the Best Trick on the art piece and into the bank.

 Kyle owned up in Bangers for Bucks, Manual Best Trick, 
and Best Trick into the bank.

 Ryan Leege threw down in the Best Line, as well as the art piece best trick.

In the end, it was Wyatt Hotchkin receiving the All Day Slayer Award.
Wyatt killed it in every event, effortlessly threw down huge tricks, and never stopped skating.
Congratulation Wyatt! See you next year!

Mike Rapaich filmed all day and worked his ass off to bring you guys another edit!
Someone buy this guy lunch!
Thanks again Mike for the first annual Slay Day edit! 

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Special Blend

Along with some outerwear we got these proper Special Blend softshells.  Too legit!

Coming this Saturday!

Square Two X Atiba

New Es Square Two X Atiba Collab!  Comes with photo book and lace pouch.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

6-86 The Number of the....

Well almost the number of the beast....2012 686 outerwear is here!  Peep this legit M-65 jacket with a tuck a way hood, then stop down and see the rest of the goods.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


If you were at the premiere of Rome's THE SHRED REMAINS
you know what it's like when Rome comes to Duluth... 

If you weren't there... You blew it! 

A huge thanks goes out to everyone who made the night possible... 

The Rome team for making the trip, Pete Fobes for everything he's done, Grady for driving the van, Clyde Iron for having one badass venue, Carmody's for letting us party our faces off, and everyone who came out, watched the vid, grabbed themselves an autograph, and showed their support for Rome Snowboards and Damage Boardshop

Check out the photos from the night and be sure to grab yourselves a copy of 
THE SHRED REMAINS when it hits shelves at Damage this fall! 
Enjoy the photos! 

The Rome van double parked in front of Damage. 

 Larry needed shoes.

 Clyde Iron filled up quick with a good-looking crowd ready for some video action...
 The boys were busy all night...
 Signing away their lives...


 Johnny Lazz MC'd his ass off and got the crowd hyped for the night...

 This lucky lady sat in the right chair... and got herself a free Rome Artifact Rocker. 

 The team was stoked to lay some signatures on her new board...

 Viktor's 5 minutes of fame...

After the video, the team signed stacks and stacks of autographs...

It's true. 

Viktor signed anything you wanted. 

The afterparty at Carmody's was wild. 
Drinks specials, good music, and most importantly, the Rome and Damage homies partying hard.

Lucky for us, we had two of the best bartenders in town...

Plenty of homie pics below...


Taking back the streets...

Some sidewalk wrestling to keep the night alive.

You don't mess with Bjorn Leines.

The night wrapped up with some late night pizza courtesy of PIZZA LUCE'!

Thanks again to ROME SNOWBOARDS for making it a hell of a night to remember!