Friday, March 18, 2011

Rome x Damage x Pizza Luce Photos...

Holy Shit. You know when Rome comes to town, it's gonna be a party.
After a rad day of riding up at Spirit with LNP, Jake Olson-Elm, Mark Wilson, Viktor Simco, Marie Hucal and a host of others... The crew moved it to Pizza Luce for Damage's video night.
The night took off with showings of Rome's "No Correct Way," 
"Any Means," and Transworld's "In Color"...
The photos below pretty much sum up the awesome vibes throughout the night...
Big shout out to all the Rome riders, John Cavan from Rome for filming the day, 
Pizza Luce for hosting, and to everyone else who came out, drank beer, 
and made it a memorable (or a "I can't remem-orable") time!
And don't forget to check out Rome's new flick "The Shred Remains" this coming fall, 
featuring Damage dirtbags Mark Wilson and Viktor Simco!

Enjoy the photos!