Sunday, March 27, 2011

Spirit's done... Pull it together

So Spirit Mt is closed for the year. I was thinking about writing a sappy paragraph about how the end of the season can bring feelings of depression and sadness to mind. Maybe reminisce on the fun memories from the season past. The only thing that came to mind was FUC IT. The season is winding down to nothing, happens every year the same time no matter how much snow is left so no use in complaining about it. In fact grab a new skate deck and make the most of it, soon enough we will all be frolicking around in Lake Superior acting like a bunch of drunken beach bums with our wieners hanging out of our shorts. Pull it together and check the list below for a few things you can do to try and ease the pain of another snowboard season in the books.

-Pond Skipping at Chester
-Excessive drinking
-More Lutsen
-4/20 is right around the corner
-Mt Hood
-More drinking

-and the list goes on and on.