Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Damage Unvisited 2011

With another rad snowboard season in the books many of us look to move on to warmer activities to fill that void often left when the snow has faded away. However there is always that itch to find the little bit of snow that may still be left under the shade of some standing pine, or in our case from the giant pile of snow left to rot at Spirit Mountain. Well it is with the utmost pain and anguish that we have to inform you that Damage Revisited, the Midwest’s biggest after season snowboard event, has been abolished for the second year in a row. No not due to the lack of snow such was the case last year. Not because we feel that it would not be up to par in one way or another. The reasoning for this year’s revocation was something a little more disheartening as described in this quote directly from the management at Spirit Mountain “we can no longer host this event due to the toll this winter has taken on our grooming equipment and the additional wear and tear of preparing for a spring event like this.” No this is not something that we foresaw as being an issue and had every intention to make this years Revisited one to top all previous Revisited events. So the only thing to do in this inadequate situation that has been brought upon us, is to look for the cloud’s silver lining. Although it may be hard to see in such a dreary situation it is most definitely there. Since this event always marks the birthday for Damage Boarshop rest assured there will still be one heck of a party. We still have to iron out the kinks and dial in some rock solid information regarding the festivities so you will want to stay tuned.

Sincerely, Damage Inc