Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Krux Kickflip Challenge Results

Rain could not stop this event as we moved it to the Encounter indoor skatepark. We had a huge turnout of kids that were hungry to get weak in the knees with kickflips. The 2011 winner of the Krux Kickflip Challenge, going home with a set of Krux trucks, Krux hat, and Krux shirt is Steve "the pistol" Pestalozzi with 44 consecutive kickflips! Second place went to Caleb Gibson with 30 and in 3rd was Carter Jr with 14! Winner of the "60 seconds of 360 flips" was also Steve "the pistol" Pestalozzi with 15, 2nd was Shane Pehrson with 14, and a close 3rd was Frank "petey" Williams with 13! Winner of the "biggest wedge gap ollie" went to Taylor Verva at 13ft.
Last but certainly not least the winner for donating the most food goes to Kyle Walczak with a total count of 60 items! Thanks a bunch to Kyle and everyone else who donated items to give to the CHUM center.
The list of high fives goes on and on but we want to shout out to Bill at MoFunna Skates for hosting the "bangers for bucks" and Jay at the Encounter for opening the indoor park to let the kids skate on this rainy day. Pics will be circulating soon so stay tuned.