Monday, June 6, 2011

MoFunna + Damage = One Hella Good Time!

Thanks to everyone who came out to MoFunna's 
"Who's Superior?!" video contest / best trick at the encounter! 
The results are as follows:

Best Edit - Mike Rapaich
MVP Skater - Nick Casey
Co-MVP Skater - Nate Hynum
Most Fun Edit - Colton Thatcher 
Most Fun Skating - Colton Maddy 
Who's Superior?! Best trick:
Matt Majerle (1st)
Brian Wilson (2nd)
Bangers for Bucks:
Kyle Walzcak - $22
Matt Majerle - $17

Now that the contest is over, here are a few of the edits for those 
who didn't make it to feast your eyes upon...
Look forward to more events from Damage, 
as well as MoFunna Skateboards this summer!

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