Sunday, July 10, 2011

Double Trouble MegaPost!

If you were at the Double Trouble event you know how much it ruled.
Insane skateboarding, good times, and a huge crew of friends ripped up Midtown.
Big thanks goes out to all the sponsors, especially Bob from Vans and
Bill from MoFunna, and all our friends for supporting the local skate scene.
The day took off despite some rain and fog - Thanks to our trusty Midtown roof.
First on the agenda was the O.U.T. tournament which started the day on fire... 

 Guest referee Ryan Leege held it down....
Until the feared Midtown concrete got the better of him.
 Bill from MoFunna Skateboards held it down on the mic!

 Little ripper Carter takes on Flow Trash superstar Pat Gallaher...

 Westside legends John Feick and Jake Burke battle it out.

Everyone was having a great time watching the games.

Brave souls fought valiantly but in the end there could only be one...
1st: Kyle Walczak
2nd: John Feick
 3rd and 4th: Tony Marchetti and Alex Demianiuk

Congratulations to Kyle Walczak!  


The Mini Ramp & Rage Jam took off immediately after the O.U.T. showdown.

All the dudes completely killed it...

Guest judge Mike Rapaich looking good. 

Tallying up the scores... 



4th Place - Cam "Bitchin" Birkhofer
3rd Place - Matt Bolis
 2nd Place - Kyle Walczak

1st Place - Pat Gallaher!
Congratulations Pat!
Carter took home the Mini Ripper award after slaying the mini ramp.
The Vans Skatepark Clean-Up was a success as well, 
with everyone participating to make Midtown a little more appealing. 
Thanks again to Vans for providing the product and to everyone who showed up 
to make the event a memorable one! We'll see you all next year!
For more information on coming events, 
be sure to continue checking the blog, facebook, and website.