Saturday, December 17, 2011

Product Testing 101: FORUM

   Got out for some early morning groomers today and man-o-man was it a blast.  Thanks to the ultra sick set up beneath my feet. 

PROBLEM: Your weak little knees can't tame a regular cambered board because there is too much edge control and you would hate to scorpion and have the seams on your skinny jeans bust open, however you still want to impress your buddies and show them that you can indeed send it for 2 ft of air in the pipe.

ENTER- The Forum Deck.  This board is an all around beast.  With a regular camber profile this board pops harder than a pack of Blackcats in a red paper wrapper. Add Combo Platter technology where the edges are raised under foot and in the nose/tail for a forgiving edge feel, this board is a regular camber board with reverse camber style properties.  Bottom line, this board has shit loads of pop with a smooth buttery feel.  

I rock my Forum Deck with a pair of Forum Republic bindings with Good Vibes technology for a free flex under foot, Simmer Down natural canting in the footbeds, and the Living Hinge forward lean adjustment.  Throw in tools free adjustment on the straps and you've got yourself one hell of a solid binding.  

Tip of the day: For groomers I ride with one click of forward lean for ultimate edge control.

Words by Christopher Allen

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  1. The Contract is also a very worthy deck! It is regular camber with flat spots at the nose and tail for locking in and a looser feel at the contact points. The flex is a little weird at first, but it forces people to press properly and is a lot of fun when you commit to a trick.