Thursday, May 17, 2012

Tales from the iPhone: Superpark 16

 Breakfast of champs with the Brisse, Bjorn, Turkowski trio.

 Jake OE and Sexton about to drop in for the hip. 
1817 taking over Mt Bachelor.

 Ted Borland aka Bundyvision getting his 
orange cone shot outta the way for Think Thank.

 Jake OE Superparkin lot pimpin.

 Nothin better than snowboarding on my birthday! 
(Bjorn bottom left, Riley Nickerson bottom right)

 So I got hurt on my birthday and couldn't snowboard Thursday and Friday, but I was feeding this pup Maggie snowballs for awhile.

 The parking lot was the place to be. 
Ryan Boyes from Volcom provided plenty of 
beers and BBQ for the clan! 
Sexton and Marben chilling.

 Some kid came down with a piece of gypsy flare stuck in his finger! Ben Rice was the prime suspect.

 Sunset on Bachelor.

Some badass photographers right here posted up 

tailgating on the last day of Superpark. 
(left to right: e-stone, Ryan "huggy" hughes, mike Yoshida, rob Mathis)

Bjorn and Turkowski hangin on his sled. 

Might have to purchase one of these when I can afford it.

Riley getting weird before heading up... On some G shit.

Blue, the Capita TM, cooked up some mean baby back ribs! 

Plenty of après ping pong, acoustic riffs, and coon eyes.

Back to Minnesota! Gonna miss Oregon. Until next time...

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