Friday, December 14, 2012

Where in the World is Viktor Simco?

We managed to catch up with that good-for-nothing team rider of ours... 
 So Theo Muse (filmer) and Justin Cafiero Rome Clark Griswald party wagon picked me up in Minnesota about a week ago and it's been one hell of a shit show ever since! One of the best powder trips of my life hands down.
 We got caught up at the Canadian border for reasons we need not discuss further here, but we finally got through, picked up Jordan Phillips, and have ridden Revelstoke, Sunshine, and Whistler in Canada.
  With the new additions of the crew consisting of Rusty Ockenden, Marie-France Roy, an Cody Booth, you can basically guarantee a good time!
 Planting some hands.
 Then we meandered out way on down to Stevens Pass, Washington and kidnapped Derrek Lever. We cruised his resort for a few kickass days, and now we've found ourselves in Bend, Oregon hanging at this ridiculous lodge with Bjorn (Leines) ready to rip the Dirksen Derby for the weekend!
 Can't believe I'm split-boarding. Wish us luck. 
MFR approved.
First switch backy! Ehhhh OoOo V.

Stay tuned for the next "12 months" episode from Rome!

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