Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Fully Stocked on SPITFIRE!

Spitfire wheels are the hottest out there... No pun intended.
We are fully stocked in the latest and greatest...

 LTD. Omar Space Case Wheel
 Bryan Herman Signature Streetburners
 Mix-Up Firelighters
 Spitfire x Pretty Sweet LTD. Streetburners
 Mike Anderson Signature SFW Wheel
 Pentagram Satanic Sizes Wheel
 Horror Series Wheel
 Soft D's 92 and 95 Duro Wheels
 Slash Signature Mix-Ups and Psychostick Swirl Wheels
 Theotis Beasley LTD. Signature Wheel
 Spitfire x Trunk Boyz LTD. Wheel (w/ can coozie)
Guy Mariano LTD. Pizza Delivery Wheel (w/ pizza box packaging)