Monday, April 1, 2013

Introducing RipNDip Clothing!

Ladies and Gentlemen, 
we are proud to introduce RIPNDIP Clothing here at Damage!
Premium clothing and caps made right here in the good ol' USA...
This company was started with nothing more than a few friends, hardwork, and skateboarding as it's foundation. 
Welcome to Damage RipNDip.
 Fresh Prince Camp Cap
 Ferngully Camp Cap
 Roosevelt Camp Cap
Wolves Camp Cap
 Tan Cord Snapback Cap
 Tan Cord Snapback Detail
 Cream Snapback Cap
"Cats Rule Everything Around Me" Leather Detail
Kitty Underbrim
 Bleeker Snapback Cap
 Street Blazer Tee (Front)
 Street Blazer Tee (Back)
Ferngully Tee