Tuesday, May 7, 2013


If you were at Damage Revisited you know how much fun it was. If not you better ask your buddies about it and best be there next year.   Special thanks to the whole Mont Du Lac staff for helping out and making this event successful. High Fives to the Damage crue for busting ass all week long in the shop and on snow. We can't forget all our favorite reps and companies that help support Revisited as well. So hyped that we are able to have this kind of event in our area! Until next year. -Ben Olson
Just might have enough snow to work with here.
Hammering out the snow pad.
Damage dirts Jared Jordan and Viktor Simco breaking backs.
Getting our skatepark of snow dialed in.
10:00 AM and the rope gets fired up for the day.
Cody B getting ripping a bluntslide.
Ben Booth shoveled snow all week for this gig!
Steve Wikner was the dude who bought all the pizza at the after party!
Mayhem went down on the snake run / rhythm section!
This dude!
OG Barry Buhr in the house.
Eric Enquist is BACK flip!
Bernie and the Boss.
Overview of the shred!
Thanks to everyone that showed up and shredded their faces off. 
Couldn't be more stoked on midwest snowboarding!
We will be adding a piles of photos to our Facebook page over the next few days so stay tuned.