Sunday, June 23, 2013

Go Skate Day 2013 Recap!

Go Skateboarding Day weekend started off 
at the Superior Skate Park on Friday evening. 
With all the rain and fog everyone still made their way over to the park for some skating, grilling and good times. 
Big thanks to all our sponsors: Monster, SK8MAFIA, JSLV, Footprint Insoles, DC, Transistor and Glassy Sunhaters. 

Ben Booth, the hot dog grill master. 

 Wyatt H. with a couple kick flip attempts. 

Carter working on his 10th hot dog... 

Colton Maddy with a few gap to rail configurations. 

Chillin' at the Damage tent. 

 Who is this kid?

 Zach Beckman launching some front side 3's.

Carter tossin' himself off the launch. 

Fog and mist rollin' in... No worries.

Chillin on GSD 2013.

Levi Miller going for the pop shuv-it tail grab . 

Thanks to Matt Anderson for gettin' the shots for the night.

Colton Maddy throwin a back crook down the hubba.

Triple C in the house.

Dylan Beck with a back lip.

Beckman with a front board.