Sunday, July 14, 2013

OUT Recap + Photos!

Thanks to everyone who made it out and flipped their 
boards for this year's OUT Elimination Contest! 
A huge ups to this year's sponsors who paved the way to some badass prizes. Monster Energy, Stance Socks, Matix, Emerica, Skullcandy, Elm Company, Happy Hour Shades, Bones, and Thunder Trucks! 
Enjoy some excellently shot photos from Emiliano Godinez 
and see what you bums missed! 
 Shane Pehrson faces off against Lloyd Fisher 
as Carter watches the match.

 Josh Kuno snaps a hardflip during his match.

 Onlookers throwing out cat-calls and 
downright obscenities during each match.

 Shop employee Alex Demianiuk faced off against
 shop team member Carter in his first match. 

Alex popping one high between 21st avenue and Superior St.

Josh Kuno caught off guard for this photo but definitely not 
during his first match-up which lasted a good 20 minutes.

 Wyatt Hotchkin was silently killing it all day long;
 this halfcab kickflip couldn't have been any smoother.

Ben Olson looking for that Shake Junt griptape 
to come around on this nollie variel heelflip. 

Alex making the most of midtown's rough 
ground with this fakie bigflip.

 In the end, their can only be one and it was Caleb Gibson 
who took out the likes of John Feick, Alex Demianiuk, Taylor Verva 
and a host of others and got himself 150 bucks and a kick-ass prize package.
 Congrats Caleb!

 Thanks to everyone who came out and skated 
and supported their buddies and the shop. 
It was an awesome turn-out and we can't wait 
until next time.