Sunday, August 4, 2013

Agenda 2013 - Long Beach, CA!

Welcome to Long Beach... And AGENDA 2013!
We went out to the Agenda tradeshow in California for a few days of work and a few days of play in the California sun.... 
Big thanks to Christine for making this happen! 
Enjoy some photos from the journey...

Volcom HQ's private skatepark... 

Scott (aka Dad) from Cal-Surf and Alex 
chowing down on some tacos... Our official meal of the trip.

Girl's been kicking it for 20 years and to celebrate they had shops decorate a OG wooden Girl to be put on display at the show... 

Taylor Kline was nice enough to spend some time cutting up magazines and ads to create this masterpiece for the show... Featured right next to our buddies at The Youth Shelter.

The Deluxe (Real, Spitfire, Thunder, Venture, AntiHero, Krooked) booth was popping off! 
Check out those displays!

Lunch break calls for a Fatburger... Biggie would be proud.

We partied with Matix. Those dudes rule. Buy their stuff.

Can't beat Matix denim fresh off the press!

BakerBoys had one of the raddest booths at the show... 

And their drink selection wasn't too bad either! Big ups to Parker and Steve at BBD! Cheers!

 And on to Huntington Beach for the US Open of Surf and the Vans Van Doren Invitational!

There was a few people on the beach...

And a few more...

Van Doren bowls... Bigger than your average bowls. Absolutely wild to watch.

Dad and Mr. Steve Van Doren... Watching some practice. 
Thanks Steve for everything you do for skateboarding!

The deep end of the bowl was no joke...

Curren Caples was ripping up during practice, kickflip fs 5-0 no problem.

Living legends abound, Hosoi was ripping. 

 Thanks and more thanks to all who made the trip possible and a blast. We'll see you all next time.