Monday, September 9, 2013

Pocket Park 2013 Recap.

Thanks to all of you who came out to the pocket park for the event this past Saturday. A big thanks to those of you who helped make this happen! 
And big shout out to all of our sponsors: 
Lakai, Girl, Chocolate, Skateboard Mag, Transistor, 4 star.
Year six of the coveted Jacket.
Year four for the young bucks tie.
The Swizz-chill. Yeah, its a thing.
 Pocket Park mayhem!
 A well needed skate break for the judges.
 "Best Trick" on-lookers.
Party on the bank!
Tie Division
1st. Kaden
2nd. Jesse
3rd. Joaquin
Best Trick winner goes to Levi Miller with a stylish full cab,
 in all camo.
Nice work taking home the tie in 2013, Kaden Lindvall!
Young Carter, the man of the hour.. 
He just earned a spot on and a year with "The Jacket."
1st. Carter DaNuge
2nd. Caleb Gibson
3rd. Mark Jeneson
Boss only wished he could skate like this kid!