Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ollies for Alzheimers this Sunday!

Words by Viktor Simco:
This is the fourth annual Ollies for Alzheimer's for my grandfather, Bernard Isaacs, who was diagnosed just before I ran the first event in 2010. It was awesome to see the smile on his face when I gave him a plaque from the first event at his 90th birthday. He's now 92, turning 93 in April. Love you gramps!
I wanted to do something that would help bring snowboarders and their families who have been affected with Alzheimer's together, as well as people who just want to come out and show some love for the cause. Not that I have anything against pre-season scaffolding rail jams by any means, but I just wanted something fun in the beginning of the season that wasn't necessarily life-threatening and hopefully hold a deeper meaning for the folks that came out. Usually we are fortunate to have sunshine and spoiled with the setup right on the rope-tow so that kids won't even have to hike, so can't wait to see you there!