Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Contest at the Pocket Recap!

Big ups for another year of Contest at the Pocket Park
This year might have been the biggest turn out yet and 
everyone was hungry to get a piece of that first place jacket.
Thanks to all our sponsors at The Skateboard Mag, Lakai, Girl, 
Chocolate, Fourstar, Monster, and Transistor Magazine! 
 3rd Placer Danny Johnson warming things up.
The judges were all business. 
Thanks OG dudes! 
Couldn't have done it without these guys! 
 So many onlookers keeping the party alive! 
 Kyle flippin' out! 
 Ryan Leege grabbing up and over Ray! 
Congrats to the young guns who killed it for the Tie...
3rd Place - Brady Doran
2nd Place - Jesse Cooper
1st Place - Joaquin Figueroa
 The battle for the jacket was fought hard but in the end... 
 It was manual master Jake Lubke who came out on top! 
Congrats Jake, you earned it! 
3rd Place - Danny Johnson
2nd Place - Carter 
1st Place - Jake Lubke
Congrats dudes, we'll see you next year for 
another edition of pocket park mayhem!