Sunday, September 28, 2014

Staying Badass with Capita!

When it comes to Staying Bad Ass... 
No one does it like Capita Snowboards
And with premiere season in full effect, the Damage x Capita 
showing of Defenders of Awesome 2 at Iron Clyde was 
guaranteeing good times to be had.
The videos were exactly what they promised to be... bad ass. 
And with Capita's own Mike Ravelson and Cale Zima in the house, 
everyone was feeling the vibes of the upcoming season of shred.
 Rav and Cale signed their lives away numerous times 
and made everyone's night one to remember.
 Boss and that lucky homie who walked 
away with a signed Ultrafear skate deck... 
 Zima is one of the realest dudes in 
snowboarding, thanks for the memories Cale! 
 Homies, homies...
 And more homies. 
Everyone walked (or stumbled) away 
stoked and ready for the first snow fall.
 As the night began to blur away, those who were 21 and up gathered at local hotspot Carmody Irish Pub for some beers and Bad Ass stickers.
 Of course, in grand fashion, the Chow Haul food truck was on food detail with their famous menu, including the Damage Grilled Cheese.
Most folks probably ended their night 
looking into a trash can - I know I certainly did.
Thanks Capita, Clyde Iron, Carmody Irish Pub, Emmet Klocker, Mike Rav and Cale, and of course all of the friends and fans who made it out for the premiere of Capita's DOA II : STAY BAD ASS.