Thursday, October 30, 2014

Union x Capita LTD Bindings!

They'reeee backkkkk! Only the creative minds at Union and Capita 
could come up with this Limited Edition mash-up binding! 
These truly "Bad-Ass" bindings are fully loaded and 
AVAILABLE NOW here at Damage in extremely limited quantities! 
Comes packaged in a custom commemorative 
box featuring the "Stay Bad Ass" cover art...
And yes, you get the movie and a 4-GB USB 
drive along with the bindings. Quite the deal.
 Team inspired high-backs and footbeds 
with opposite black / red color schemes. 
 This high-back features the "Capita" text which glows in the dark. 
 This high-back features the signature Capita skull in a rad gold foil.
 Custom Stage IV Force Base, Sonic-fused Straps,
 and Union's NEW Ultragrip Toe Straps. 
 Behold the ultimate holiday binding from CAPITA x UNION
Available NOW here at Damage!