Sunday, October 12, 2014

Videograss Premiere Photos!

If it wasn't one of the most anticipated 
premieres to date, I don't know what was. 
The triple threat premiere of Mayday, Nothing to Prove
and Hooks and Hammers went OFF at Clyde Iron on 
Saturday night and here's the photos to prove it... 
 A big thanks to Clyde Iron for letting 
us rip these vids BIG SCREEN style. 
 One of the only clear photos of the night... 
The door ladies kept everyone in check... 
While they weren't busy with the occasional glass of wine.
 The speeches were the best. Bjorn, Joe and Mike reminded everyone how much work a video project is and gave everyone some teary eyes. Viktor hosted an Instagram contest and gave away some fine product to a few lucky comment-ers. And Durham reminded everyone how many beers he had. 
 Boss and Bald-Egal mastermind Mike Thienes. 
 Couldn't replicate this crew if we tried. 
 The main course, Videograss's Mayday... 
It's good. Really really good. Seriously, buy a copy. 
 Packed to the brim with serious on-lookers.
After the movies, Joe, Bjorn and Justin signed up some autographs. 
 Wyatt signed a few too...
 How about those 1817 posters! Thanks JOE! 
 This group definitely got hooked up. 
 When Justin Fronius's part in Mayday hit 
the screen, the whole place went nuts. 
Naturally he had some autographs to sign...
 Thanks Clyde! Now onto Pizza Luce for the 21 and up AFTERPARTY
 Kenwood Mansion kicked things off and 
things proceeded to get... a little weird.
 Interior Plain Project's Jeffy is DOWN with Duluth. 
 Backstage photo... Check. 
 Party on down.
Class of 86 ripped the final set to close out the night. 
A big thanks to both bands for coming out and absolutely ripping! 
We leave you with this photo of Joe covered in beer.
An enormous thanks to Joe Sexton, Bjorn Leines, Justin Fronius, Riley and Durham, Thienes and Pettit, Dan Spooner and Viktor, Pete Harvioux, Kenwood Mansion, Class of 86, Pizza Luce', Clyde Iron, Justin at Videograss, and especially all the friends and foes who came out to show their support. We couldn't do these things if it weren't for all of you. Cheers!