Saturday, November 8, 2014


Hot off the press from the biggest dirtbags in the game... 
STEPCHILD 14/15 Snowboards are FULLY STOCKED here at Damage!
From left to right: 
The Lizard and Possum Bro Model.

Brothers Lizard King (Mike Plum) and Possum (Bob Plum) are our most recent guest bros in a series that has already seen Whitlake, Kidwell and Ranquet. Lizard King is not only one of the radest and most positive dudes out there and one hell of a skater (as we all know) but having grown up in SLC, UT, he knows his way rail gardens… His brother Possum is up there with the best photographers in the snowboarding game and has gone on countless trips with our boys here at StepChild. Lizard King worked with Brian Romero to develop the graphic, while we developed the tech. Zero Camber, light poplar tip to tail wood core, reduced swing weight - these guys part of the family. PASSION!!

The Latchkey.
Hot off a TWsnow goodwood win the Latchkey is your versatile all terrain shred. The addition of Kevlar is new to this year, parallel strips in the reverse camber option to give more life and response to the board and the single strip running down the middle on the regular camber option gives more power to your pop. The Latchkey also has our first XTC wood construction – no graphic top layer. The Art is printed directly onto the top fibreglass layer allowing us to reduce a layer from the sandwhich construction, the art layer that has now been removed from the Latchkey provides zero structural support but adds weight. With reduced swing weight – due to the tapered nose and tail – the board is easy to maneuver around the mountain or easier to handle on your way to the bar for a few cold ones after a day of shred. After countless appearances in shred videos, web edits and porn clips the latchkey is our most in-demand board.

The Dirtbag.
Did you spend all summer working away bagging food at the local groceries only to go and blow it on cheap thrills and parking tickets? Dont worry, we have the board for you. The Dirtbag utilizes our Armorcore construction (High Density Wood Compound) to deliver the most in flexibility and longevity without sacrificing durability or increasing the weight. Our new high transparent extruded base is resilient against impact and is easy to fix when a rail decides to take a chunk out of it. Our TGIF (Thank God Its Flat) camber profile delivers the precision and power of regular camber but also the playfulness of reverse. FOS (Heroin Skateboards, Altamont) delivered the art this year for the board. The Dirtbag is priced so it won’t take from your beer and noodle money allowing you to live like a king out of your van at the bottom of the lift.

The Stereotype.
After the success of the Stereotype last year we developed a lighter and softer construction delivering a playful and fun park board. The board benefits from our XTC (extraterrestrial construction) technology, this elimates the top plastic layer and prints the art directly onto the top fibreglass saving weight without sacrificing strength. Our Half Breed camber combines zero to reverse making this an extremely fun board to ride the park and mini shred around the hill. The Stereotype is constructed with fun in mind, to progress up that park learning curve this is the board you want.