Friday, November 14, 2014

Airblaster Jackets!

Step your jacket game up with something fresh from AIRBLASTER!
 If you've got a headstrong get-er-done mindset, you're gonna want a jacket 
that's bullish and tough enough to keep up with you.
Whether you drive bulldozers or snow cats, pound nails or drop hammer for a living, 
the Workhorse Jacket will prove itself the trustworthy tool-of-choice when it comes to gettin' the job done. STAY WILD!
Equally at home on the street or at the mountain, this Good Times Slim Fit 2-in-1 kit 
is about as versatile as it gets. Wear the hoody to skate, to class, to work.
Keep the diamond quilted, 80g insulated, 10K waterproof outer jacket close at hand, 
and you're ready to shred at the first sign of snow. STAY WILD!