Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Aussies Do Duluth!

You might remember a group of Australians that
 came to our fine city last season to do some
 boardin'... This should refresh your memory. 
Well we've got a copy of "Transfer" Magazine straight 
from Australia and Duluth is ruling this issue...
 Featuring a full article on the trip to Duluth, complete 
with banger photos of all the spots we know and love.
 We were stoked to have these dudes stop into the shop, team 
rider Dan Spooner showed the dudes around. What a guy.
 Duluth Grill visits. On-point! 
 Honorable mentions! Thanks dudes! 
 We've only got one issue of this banger magazine in so if you 
want to see/read it in all it's glory stop into Damage and let us know!