Monday, January 12, 2015

Stepchild Latchkey!

Hot off a TWSnow GoodWood win, the STEPCHILD 
Latchkey is your versatile all terrain shred. 
The addition of Kevlar is new to this year, parallel strips in the 
reverse camber option to give more life and response to the 
board and the single strip running down the middle on the regular 
camber option gives more power to your pop. 
The Latchkey also has our first XTC wood construction – no graphic top layer. 
The Art is printed directly onto the top fibreglass layer allowing us to reduce a layer 
from the sandwich construction, the art layer that has now been removed from 
the Latchkey provides zero structural support but adds weight. With reduced 
swing weight – due to the tapered nose and tail – the board is easy to maneuver around 
the mountain or easier to handle on your way to the bar for a few cold ones after a 
day of shred. After countless appearances in shred videos, web edits and 
porn clips the latchkey is one of our most demanded boards.