Thursday, March 5, 2015

Must Be Back Again!

Goods from mbMN aka must be Minnesota just dropped in the shop...
The last batch sold-out in a little under a week 
and we don't get re-stocks from these guys often... 
Get it now while you still can! 
 VX2100 T-Shirt (Designed by Shane Pehrson) - $19.95
 Sarcastic Bastards Baseball T-Shirt - 27.95
 The devil's in the details...
 Literally. Hidden messages for your enemies.
 Skateboarding Is Dead T-Shirt - 19.95
 Must Be / Triangle Beanies - 19.95
 Ferns Camp Cap - 39.95
 Northwoods Camp Cap - 39.95
 Loons II Camp Cap - 39.95
 Black Flannel Camp Cap - 39.95
 Each camp cap comes hand-numbered. Only ten were made of each.
Stickers of course! Come get 'em!