Tuesday, June 23, 2015


After a trip to Las Vegas, a sushi dinner or two, we are very excited to bring you this Collaboration with Heat Wave Visual. The idea has been in the works for over 6 months and the finished product has hit the shop for all your summer pleasures. Viktor has been a part of Damage since Day 1 and is always bringing ideas to the table.  He talked with his eyewear sponsor Heat Wave Visual and asked if he could design some shades with Damage for their 10 year anniversary.  So the Boss and Viktor clocked in some overtime hours poolside and came up with the "JobSites"
These shades come in 2 different frame styles from the Heat Wave lineup.
The arms have a Fish Scale look symbolizing the 10,000 lakes to give that outdoor feel of Duluth and being on Lake Superior. 
The black and red scales come from Damage and the colors we have been repping since Day 1.
The lenses come in a array of colors for whatever or wherever your #JobSite brings you.
 The inside of the arms have the Damage Decade 10 year anniversary logo and the Viktor Simco signature Heat Wave graphic.
The JobSites are limited to only 120 pairs worldwide, 40 of which are exclusively available at the shop for 1 week right now for only $35!