Friday, July 24, 2015

Mini Ramp / Vans Clean-up Re-cap.

Thanks to everyone who came out for Mini Ramp and Rage / Vans Skatepark clean-up.
Midtown looks good thanks to your efforts in helping pick up.
Together we raised $130 towards the GND skate plaza, let's keep it going!
High fives to everyone for killing it despite the heat.
Results of the ramp jam:
1. Cam "bitchin" Birkhofer
2. Carter Nguyen
3. Spenser Peayeur
A big thanks to Chow Haul for coming out and keeping everyone fed.
Shout out to the sponsors:
Transistor Mag, Thrasher Mag, Monster, Heatwave Visual, 
Creature, Bronson Speed Co., OJ Wheels, VANS, Dakine.