Monday, September 14, 2015

Pocket Park Re-cap 2015

Thanks to everyone for coming out to the pocket park on Saturday! 
The 8th year of the jacket and tie is in the books.
A shout out to the sponsors Lakai, Transistor Mag, 
Monster, Chocolate, Royal, Fourstar, Girl.
Carter took home best trick.
 Tummer ripping around.
 Lubke is always fun to watch at pocket.
No longer homeless Joe, with a front 5-0.
Matt Damon everybody.
 Feick put it down all day and took home The Jacket.
The Tie:
1st. Kaden
2nd. Simon
The Jacket:
1st. John Feick
2nd. Carter Nguyen
3rd. Joe Remark
Photo credits to Dwayne Swizzlestacks DaNugget!