Saturday, November 14, 2015

Union Super Force!

The Super Force Commission Binding from Union is the official 
binding for the national brotherhood of snowboarding...
Extruded 3D Aluminum Heel-cup
3D direct connect straps system
Ultra grip toe straps
Magnesium Buckles
Multi Density Thermoformed Eva
Team High-Back
Stage 4 Base plate - Durflex ST Nylon
 And the case is a cooler! 'Merica!
The Snowboard Commission is compromised of 33 shops world-wide all dedicated to what they love and what they do for their relative communities. We're hyped to have our shop, supporters and our community a part of this! Lets take snowboarding back to its real roots where it all started with the local shops and push all these corporate poser mall stores and chains out of something they never should have been a part of.