Sunday, December 6, 2015

Sandbox helmets

If being safe and lookin' cool is at the top of your priority list then a Sandbox helmet is for you. We carry three models both in a variety of colorways and prices. 
 The classic 2.0 low rider has a vented low profile soft-core EVA liner (ethylene vinyl acetate) foam designed to protect against multiple low force impacts. Can be customized to fit 18 different ways to match your fit. Also comes with ear covers for those chilly days.

The Classic 2.0 is the O.G. with a vented low profile hard-core EPS liner (expanded polystrylene) foam designed for high-impact protection and be customized to fit 18 different ways as well. Includes: Helmet, fit pads, (re)movable goggle clip, removable audio ready ear cover/neck cozy.
The Legend Snow is a skate inspired helmet with a low profile hard-core EPS liner. (expanded polystrylene) foam designed for high-impact protection. Includes: Helmet, fit pads, removable goggle clip, removable ear cover/neck cozy. 


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