Friday, January 29, 2016

Giants Lift Ticket Give-Away!

Earn yourself 2 Day Passes for Giants Ridge!
Buy any "Commission" item and you will receive
 2 FREE Day passes for Giants Ridge
That's a $100 value!!!
Below are just few of the many 
"Commission" products we have in stock!
Starting Today, Friday 1/29/16, till next Friday, 2/5/16

The Snowboard Commission is comprised of 33 shops world-wide all dedicated to what they love and what they do for their relative communities. We're hyped to have our shop, supporters, and our community a part of this! These are few of the many amazing products have been launched this year and are only available at Commission shops. Lets take snowboarding back to its real roots where it all started with the local shops and push all these corporate poser mall stores and chains out of something they never should been a part of...