Monday, February 29, 2016

Welcome to the Team: Nial Romanek

Full Name: Nial Jeffrey Romanek

Age: 27

Regular or Goofy: Regular

How many years boarding? 13

Go to video? Stand and Deliver

What about video part? Anything Louif puts out 

What's your current setup? Smokin AnNIALator 156 with some Burton bindings and boots

Camber or Reverse? Camber

Tell me about growing up in Bob Dylan's hometown: 
Well it's an old mining town in northern MN. Nothing much happens there. Most people are a bunch of redneck alcoholics that like to hunt and fish. So most of my childhood I was surrounded by four wheelers (three wheelers are way better), boats, hunting and fishing.

Now for some Crucial shit: Bring it on

Who warmed up the backseat when you banged the first time?  
Well it wasn't in a back seat of a car, I'm classier than that. Hahahaha no I'm not, but my first car was kinda a pile so I don't think that was the easiest place to woo a girl (great car tho very reliable). I'm going to leave her name out of it, but the first time it happened I didn't really know it was happening till like halfway through. I will keep the story short but what pretty much happened was that I thought she was going down on me, so I was like epic, but in the end she just wanted to sit on it. I figured out what was actually happening after a few moments which in the end wasn't the worst thing cause I never really had the virgin scare thing happen since that card got taken out of my hand without me really knowing till it was too late. (Can't rape the willing)

Blondes or Brunettes? Brunettes 

Dome or Handies? Dome duh

Most memorable trip? Either work...... 
Well it had to be the first official trip I had ever gone on. I was filming my first part with Think Thank ( Mind the Video Man). I met up with a few of them in Marqette, Michigan. The trip was going kinda how I figured it would go. Find spots, set them up, get shots, sleep, eat, repeat. This all changed when I started to feel sick and then I just started puking everywhere for no reason, didn't have nausea or anything. We got back to the hotel and I noticed that I had purple spots all over my body. So I ended up going to the hospital where they told me that I was allergic to an antibiotic I was on and that was causing me to have the spots and throwing up. They ended up putting two bags of IV fluid in me , and I was on my way back to the hotel. Once I got back to the hotel everyone was ready for some food, so we went out to this bar to grab some dinner. We got done eating and a couple of the guys wanted to stay and drink a few bevees so we were like okay see you back at the hotel. When the guys got back to the hotel they were like yo there are some girls coming over to party. I was so beat I was like have fun I can't party after puking all day. The girls ended up coming over and they started playing drinking games. As the night went on I woke up and figured I'd see what everyone else was doing in the other room. They were playing this horrible drinking game with a air soft gun and a toy roulette table.  As the night escalated I ended up going back to my room and passing out. What happened after that was one for the books. So pretty much the girls ended up getting naked and had a photo shoot with the photographer we had on the trip. Also someone hooked up with one of the chicks and I guess she was a huge squirter and soaked the whole bed out. The next morning was probably the craziest story time that I have ever heard and the best part was there were pictures and evidence that it all happened. Still to this day that's probably the craziest trip I have ever been on and it was my first. I don't think I will ever forget that trip.

What's up with companies not making hardcopies?
Well if people would buy them then they would make them. Unfortunately it's just not cost effective for the company to make a hard copy anymore. I wish it was cause it's bullshit how some movies now you can't even buy them, you have to rent them or use wifi to get to them. That doesn't seem like you own the video if you have to have wifi and be logged into a website like Vimeo on demand.

Sponsors, shout outs, and that good stuff
Well I would like to thank my parents for all their support through the years. Damage for being the dopest shop out and always having the best gear to choose from. I would personally like to thank Jesse Burtner for believing in me that I could film a video part and letting me film with Think Thank and all my sponsors that support me and let me do what I do.

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