Saturday, January 27, 2018

CVT Buck Hill Recap

The 2nd stop of the Core Values Tour went down last Saturday and it was a blast. With temps in the 40's it was a spring-like day and everyone was hyped to try and claim their spot in finals. 
Tent city.
Heavy hitters hanging around the Damage tent.
How good do those signs look?
Non-stop action.
Who let these guys in?
Paul Lavold didn't plan on riding the contest but ended up earning a spot in finals! That's how you do it in the pros.
Celebratory beers!
Intermediate Results
1st - Liam Johnson
2nd - Cole Solner
3rd - Riley Haglund
Expert Results
1st - Mike Darflinger
2nd - Dan Spooner
3rd - Josh Kuno
Thanks to Zombie, Buck Hill, all of the shops/sponsors involved, and everyone who came out to ride. This tour wouldn't be possible without you. The next stop is at Hyland on Saturday, February 10th presented by Cal Surf. Show up and keep it core!