Friday, August 3, 2018

Mini Ramp and Rage Recap

On Saturday, July 28th we held the 14th edition of Mini Ramp and Rage at Midtowne Skatepark. A few short rain showers rolled through during the event but overall the weather was great and the guys were ripping.
When Carter first started coming to this contest he had to push in the flats to get speed. Now he has no problem airing out over the coping.    
Russell from Almanac Coffee was there with some awesome cold brews for us to fuel up on. Be on the look out for his coffee in the Duluth Folk School, coming soon!
 After wrapping up the action, we moved on to the Vans skatepark cleanup. They sent us all the essentials to tidy up the park along with tote bags, hats, and water bottles for all that helped the cause. Thanks, Vans!
Shop rider Danny Johnson paying his dues.
Kaden and Carter put in work on and off the ramp.
1st place went to Carter for the second year in a row. This kid did some messed up tricks and seems to go bigger every year. 
 Nate dawg took home 2nd place as well as best trick for a back tail bigspin and a nollie front heelflip. Well deserved!
 Eric killed it all day with the stylish maneuvers he's known for and ended up in 3rd for his efforts. The fact that our oldest participant was doing switch grinds in most of his runs is just wild.
Thanks to all of the skaters and everyone that helped clean up the park! We raised $65 for the GND skatepark fund. Shout out to Vans, Almanac Coffee, Thrasher, Creature, Bronson, OJs, Mob Grip, and Indy Trucks for the support. See you next year for round 15!