Tuesday, July 16, 2019

GND Skatepark Fundraiser

We're selling Kraus-Anderson Bike Duluth Festival raffle tickets to help raise money for the GND Skatepark. Raffle tickets cost $10.00 each (cash only) and half of the proceeds will go directly to GND Rec to build the skatepark. This is a great way to support a project that will benefit so many people in the area. Prizes include: A snowboard and skateboard package courtesy of Damage, a $5000 Trek bike voucher, a kayak from Gander Outdoors, a $500 gift certificate from Miller Creek Lawn and Landscape and many many more. We need your help to get this park built! Raffle winners will be announced Sat August 3rd. Tickets will be available for the rest of the month so swing by and grab a stack!

Some of the awesome prizes up for grabs...

*This is not the final design for the skatepark* 
A lot of the features in this rendering will be part of the finished product.