Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Damage Does Oktoberfest

On Saturday, September 14th we poured beer with GND REC at the first annual Oktoberfestival and it was a good time to say the least. All of our tips will go towards building the GND REC Skatepark and we raised $2500 over two days! Thanks to everyone who donated and shout out to our awesome crew. Here are some highlights from the night.

Stone cold skatepark fundraising went down!
The crew on the craft beer side of things tore it up all night.
Wyatt made a new friend.
The boys with some festival goers.
Team Kuno and Taylor kept the pitchers full. 
Dillon demostrates the "perfect pour."
Lederhosen Larry had a great time!
Fact: if you smile at people they tip more.
The crew celebrating a successful night at Oktoberfest. Let's get this skatepark built!