Sunday, September 8, 2019

Pocket Park Challenge Recap

The Pocket Park Challenge went off yesterday as skaters young and old tore apart the oldest park in Duluth. It was a cloudy day in the 60's, a perfect recipe for everyone involved. A new 40+ "Fedora" division was added this year to join the "Jacket" and "Tie" age groups. Big ups to Girl, Chocolate, Royal, Lakai and Happy Hour for sponsoring the event. Check out the Photos and results below!

Photos: Lloyd Fisher
Winners from left to right: Carter put together some impressive runs to take home his 4th "Jacket" title, Ollie cruised to his first "Tie" victory and his dad Eric skated solid all day and claimed the "Fedora" division. Josh Kuno took home best trick on the new DIY rail. Nice work dudes! 

Jacket Division
1st - Carter Nguyen
2nd - Caleb Gibson
3rd - Stephen Pestalozzi
Tie Division
 1st - Ollie Christopherson
2nd - Ian Gunnelson
3rd - Otto Winnings
Fedora Division
1st - Eric Christopherson
2nd - Bill Howes
3rd - Mark Villasenor
Eric greases a mean front board on the new DIY rail over the grass.
Josh Kuno stomped a front board pretzel out on the grass gap rail to take home best trick. Whether it's snow or concrete, Kuno riiiiips. 
 The trophies: jacket, tie and fedora.
 Boss man Ben hyping up the judges and crowd.
 Smooth operator Stephen Pestalozzi with a nosegrind on the bench.
 It might be a contest but everyone is friends here.
Damage legend Kyle Walczak with that POP over the bank.