Tuesday, July 21, 2020

The Interior Plain Project - Eternal Vacation

Calling all shred heads: Midwest staple Interior Plain Project boards and apparel have just landed in the shop! I.P.P. boss man Pete Harvieux came to town to hand deliver the "Eternal Vacation" line which brings summer beaches and snowboarding together. The best of both worlds if you will. We are fully stocked up in all sizes of the Harrow, Honalee, and Odessa as well as a clothing line featuring tees, hoodies, caps, and jackets. As always, the entire collection looks amazing and this stuff won't last long. If you're interested in anything feel free to give us a call at (218) 724-4027 or DM us on Instagram @damageduluth. The countdown to winter starts now. Book your Eternal Vacation with The Interior Plain Project today.