Friday, October 8, 2021

DC x POP Trading

DC has teamed up with their friends at the Dutch brand POP Trading Co. to release a limited Lynx OG and Navigator boot. The two didn't always get along though... In fact in 2018 DC sent POP a cease and desist for ripping off DC's original logo in one of their T-shirt designs. After realizing POP was just trying to pay homage the air was cleared and they became fast friends. The crew at POP designed this full grain leather Lynx OG with a custom jewel DC logo and a special Navigator boot with premium hairy suede and waterproofing materials for those chilly nights in Amsterdam. The DC x POP Trading Co. Collection drops on Saturday, October 9th 2021. 

Fresh whites! 

DC x POP Lynx OG - $110.00

The Navigator boot is perfect for stomping around the streets of Duluth. 

POP Trading Navigator Boot - $160.00