Friday, June 10, 2022

DC x Nocturnal - KALYNX

The "KALNYX" shoe was developed in 1998 when Josh Kalis was designing his first pro model shoe, the Kalis OG. During this process, DC constructed the Kalis upper on the Lynx outsole so Josh could test it out. Twenty years later, when there were talks to do a shop collab with Nocturnal in Philadelphia, the city that Kalis called home in his early DC days, it was the perfect time for the KALYNX to make its return. 3M highlights can be found throughout the shoe, a nod to the vibe of skating at night in Philly, a favorite of the Nocturnal crew. This limited release will be available tomorrow, Saturday June 11th at 10:00AM. 

"KALYNX" - $100.00