Monday, September 12, 2011

Don't Sleep on This One!

Picture this.  Its Friday afternoon,  the Northland just got hit with the biggest snow storm of the winter and more is expected.  All of your buddies are going up to Lutsen to get in on some MN pow riding, shit practically anybody who is anybody will be heading up to shred and ah yeah PARTY.  Oh yeah there is going to be some dope ass hip hop show at Papa Charlies too! The car has one spot open with your name on it, but wait,  you go to check your bank account and oh shit, you ain't got no money!  That means no lift tickets and no fun weekend at Lutsen for you. I'm sure you will be just as excited to sit inside and do homework. Hmmm if only you had taken advantage of that early bird "locals only"  special you wouldn't have to worry about the price of tickets, tell your buddy you'll give him and IOU on the gas and stock up your bag with Ramen noodles and pb&j.  SET!  Don't sleep on this deal folks because I can assure you, you will regret it come winter time. Head over to the site for the full scoop.

Get Some!

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