Sunday, September 11, 2011

Exclusive Interview with Viktor Simco...

 We had the opportunity to sit down with Mr. Viktor Simco 
for brief, yet intimate, interview. 
Read on...

Damage: Who's Jillian and where's her dignity? 
Viktor: Jezzzus Christ.

D: What do you think about Donovan McNabb?
V: Holy shit. Capital M, C, capital N, A, B, B. 

D: Do you think Dave Chappelle will return to TV in 2012?
V: I think he hit his prime when he was Clayton Bigsby. Yeah, he hit his peak on that.

D: What's your favorite movie?
V: Shit, uhhh... Off the top of the dome-ski, probably Wedding Crashers. And Macgruber... Macgruber's up there...

D: Rockin' any bumper stickers?
V: Nope, one Damage die-cut on the back window. Black on black.

D: Alright - Jenna Jameson, Yoda, and Hugh Jackman as Wolverine... 
You gotta fuck one, marry one, and kill one. Go.
V: I'd probably let Yoda give me a BJ, Hugh Jackman... probably try to kill him but he'd fuck me up... And Jenna Jameson... probably take her to the house. Catch some disease that hasn't been created yet.

D: What's your favorite Rome setup?
V: (Whistles) Have to go with the Reverb 53, thing's a monster... Takes down anything. 
Shit, the 390's with Targa ankle straps. And those boots... they're made for stompin'. 
Go with the Folsom's.

D: Who else is killing shit on Rome right now? 
V: Fucking everybody. I'm excited to see everyone's part. Rusty's footage... and Debari... fucking can't wait to see Debari's part.. And dirty Larry of course... Just everyone. Marky marky. Wolfgang. Riley Nickerson. Derrick Lever. Lazz is grizz. Joe Radano!!

D: In three words, describe your summer at COC.
V: Let me do four. Can I do four? 

D: Yeah.
V: Gorgeous foreign girls... oh wait I have four words now... uhhh, Very gorgeous foreign girls.

D: What shoes are you rocking right now?
V: The Grosso's  (Vans Era), about to drop in on some Emerica's though...

D: What's the deal with the sideburns?
V: (Smiles) Ohhh fuck... My razor broke. The butter knife doesn't work too well.

D: Where do you see yourself in 30 minutes?
V: Probably still here. Still trying shit on, buying more shit from Damage. 

D: Who's more famous, you or your brother? 
V: My brother. Look at his twitter. Should we plug in a link for my bro?!/RiffRaff_SODMG

D: Any shout outs, last words, or any of that other bullshit?
V: Percy Harvin just ran back the opening kickoff!!!

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