Saturday, March 5, 2016

Damage Days Re-Cap!

Damage Day 1 @ Spirit Mountain: Pipe Party!
Thanks to everyone that came out to party with us for Damage Days at Spirit Mountain! Shout out to the sponsors; Stepchild, Skullcandy, Dragon, Rockstar Energy, Spirit Mountain and The Park Crew!
Photography by the Boss
 Blastin over the lip, how we doin'?

 Damage Day 2 @ Spirit Moutain: Grand Event
Hiking, riding, sliding and nothin' but good times down by the Grand Ave. Chalet
Photography by Paul Lavold

Danny chillin' up on top
James sending it over Paul with no regrets
Gotta keep that lip proper!
Judges, riders, park crew, rooks... We're all friends

Raffle winner gets the Stepchild Latchkey...
 Congrats on winning the gold!