Thursday, May 14, 2020


15 YEARS ago today this joint we call DAMAGE propped open the door to the skate/snowboard community of the northland and beyond!  Normally we would be having a skate jam event in our back lot, after season snowboard event or some kind of late night reckless party with all our friends and customers listening to loud music while enjoying some beverages but we’ll have to postpone all that for the time being (soon enough). There’s been so many great memories and maybe a few bad ones too (haha) but damn it’s been a kick ass fun 15 years around this place that’s for sure!  THANK YOU to the awesome staff, team riders, friends, family, skate/snow brands, sales reps, brand owners but most importantly the CUSTOMERS that continue to walk (or call, order and pickup during this lame Covid-19 situation) into the shop for their fix on what we have to offer in the skate and snowboard world over these past 15 years.