Sunday, July 10, 2022


As snowboarders, we're always looking for something to jump over, whether it's in the middle of a city, in the mountains, or somewhere in between. We're always on the hunt for airtime. 

This gap, now known as "Ozzy's Gap", is pretty much the perfect spot. Lots of speed, landing clear of obstacles, plenty of snow... it checked all of these boxes. We knew we had to hit this thing.  

After hours of planning and shoveling, it was go time. The crew was assembled. Weather wasn't perfect, but it was good enough. Cameras and phones came out and the session was on!

All photos shot by: Ben Ahrens

Hunter Leon - Backside 180
"You'll be fine just go fast!"
Dan Spooner - Frontside 180
Kai Sandal - Ollie
Ben Olson - Ollie
Ricky Havron - Method
Brett Stamper - Backflip